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July 4, 2010
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Armara by Gerwell Armara by Gerwell
I wanted to paint what Jonh and Janet's homeland looks like! The name of the village is Armara.

The village is supposed to be protected by Latios and Latias (statues of them on the towers), or that's what the legend says anyway, because no one ever caught a glimpse of these Pokémon.
During Janet'a dn Jonh's childhood, the village was rather empty, most people had left for the big towns. But after a Pokémon center (blue roof) opened, new families came to live in the peace of the mountains. The center also serves as a small research facility, hence the researcher's families following them to Almara.
Most of the people living there are old though, and VERY attached to the dragons tradition.
They try to teach newcomers the traditions, to keep them from dying and the village to lose its stories.

Each year there's a celebration in dragons honor, it takes place aproximately at the same time where Magikarps, for their mating season, go up the river to reach the Emerald lake, higher in the mountains.
The celebration attracts a lot of people and trainers, who are willing to fight against the elder dragon tamers.
Lots of battles are organized in front of the town (in a place you can't see here), at the feet of a huge waterfall.
In the evenings there are fireworks, and a special "wishes event", connected to the river in the canyon.
Thus the vilage leaves almost exclusively from tourism, but also from mountains honey, thanks to Vespiquens and Combees.

The tower on the rock pillar is only accessible for people who have successfully tamed a dragon (and who are able to fly over the gap to reach it... >_>) The elders living there teach dragons very good moves and the trainers are given a reward for their success.

The weather is rather humid and hot during the whole year, with a little drop of temperature as a "winter".

The little house in the rocks is old Fugu's. He's an old man than most people consider deranged, or for the least very excentric. He likes to claim that he has been a great trainer by the past, but no one really believes him now.
Jonh and Janet befriended him when they were younger, and they were surprised to see that the old man had some nice things to teach their Pokémons.
No one know his real name, and he insists on being called "Fugu" only.

This surely took place before Jonh left to look for Janet.

Ohlala me and my clichés! :)
I might draw the place where the battles take place, someday.
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CyART-CiprianFlorea Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn it's beautiful :) reminds me of a dream I had :)
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This just looks amazing!
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This looks amazing Croissant!
fkjghdfg omg you made a Poke town 8D
This looks amazing, i'd totally travel there and bring my giratina, Porkbuns
He can play with the other dragons there haha
I can't imagine living in Old Fugu's house jkshgkdfg deadly afraid of cliffs
But I bet he gets an AMAZING view
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Way more than epic, this is stupendously insane. :DDD
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I'm speechless
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This is so amazing. I love the perspective.
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love that little house and the rocks... : )
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